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Our Story

When a newborn opens their eyes to the world, everything seems blurry and confusing. They only understand your touch, which gives them a sense of security. As a parent, all your efforts are directed towards their comfort and well-being. You wish the world around them to be safe and just about perfect. Every decision regarding their clothes, diapers, bottles, bedding is carefully made after tons of research. We understand all your concerns and respect all your efforts. At Buzzee Babies, we believe that every newborn baby clothes that touches your baby’s precious and tender skin should be pure, unadulterated and chemical-free. It should, if not equivalent, match your gentle touch when they wear it. They should feel the cocoon-like environment in the softness of the product. Our conscious effort is that the products we create are best for your baby and are also kind to the environment. Our range of baby products is organic, sustainable, consciously sourced and environmentally friendly.

Our Journey

Our journey into sustainable baby products started with our research about various baby brands. As we delved deeper, we realized that there are umpteen options of newborn baby clothes that claim to be natural. But, unfortunately, parents tend to pick what is readily available without proper knowledge and not knowing the source. Buzzee Babies has its heart at the right place. We try to be an ideal partner to new parents and enable them to choose the right products that are comfortable and safe for their little ones. For us, your baby’s well-being is as important as ecological conservation without compromising the output quality. And that is why we have summarized Buzzee Babies as ‘Crafted naturally’ in our tagline.

Our Philosophy

They say nip it in the bud. Taking it forward, we are trying to make sustainability a way of life, even for the little ones. It is for the bigger good and will go a long way in ensuring that our planet is safe for everyone. So, who else to take the baton forward but our next-gen? Buzzee Babies is highly inspired by conscious and sustainable parenting. Like parents trying to inculcate high-quality values into their children, we are trying to infuse a system in every subconscious mind that this planet belongs to everyone, and we need to nurture it. It’s not for a day or a month but in everyday life. Taking this philosophy forward, we developed a range of newborn baby clothes that are organic, sustainable, organic and indeed comfortable for your precious little one. We are on an exciting journey where we are trying to find newer ways to make life more comfortable for babies and also giving back to nature. In our conscious efforts, we partner with many like-minded people who are helping us achieve what we set out for. We are a value-based brand, the pillars of which define our lifelong commitment.